Time To Be Seen

It’s getting dark earlier, which means it gets lighter earlier. Now for the morning runners- this is ideal but for the night owls – it requires a few adjustments…


Here are a few tips to keep you running safe in the dark:

Chose a well-lit route: It may not be the most scenic run, but you won’t see much in the dark anyways. People will see you and you will see them better, plus you can see where to put one foot in front of the other!

Keep it simple: Have a long run planned? Maybe do two laps of one of your favourite shorter routes. That way you can tell your friends and family where you are, and if you need to stop you’re not too far away.

Stay warm: Nightime calls for lower temperatures and the chance of inclement weather. You’ll essentially need to make sure you have a good rain/wind jacket and layers of good quality technical fabric that can wisk away sweat while keeping you warm.

Be seen: Most of us don’t like to stand out of the crowd, but in this instance it is required in order for people to see you! Loud colours may not be you thing, but hey lucky flouro is in fashion at the moment ;). Lots of brands are making bright coloured jackets and vests (we have a good variety at Running Fit). If you are a cyclist and have some bicycle lights handy – stick one on the back of your cap! Remember white lights on the front and red flashing on the back. A headlamp (which isn’t usually required unless you are on a trail or completely unlit area) can do the trick as well.

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